Lukas Claude is one of the most exciting young artists in Scandinavia. Born in 1999, the young multi-instrumentalist has already made his mark in Oslo with over 100 live performances under his belt. By the ones that has experienced him live he is talked about as a musical genius. You notice as soon as he takes a scene that this is what he is meant to do. Whether it is with his own band or if he only shows up with the guitar, it is a very unique atmosphere when Lukas performs. 


He is characterized by strong melodies that highlights the ups and downs of life.

As a fresh mix of Bernhoft and Charlie Puth, Lukas Claude brings something very unique to the musical landscape in Scandinavia. By challenging genre norms, he combines elements of urban jazz, R&B and pop.


That mix largely describes his first EP "Vivid" that was released on October 18th!

When he learned to play the piano at only six years old, people around him understood that musically he was a person out of the ordinary. After mastering piano he quickly moved onto other instruments. Already at the age of 11 he had fully produced his first song. With one exception, he himself plays all the instruments on his first EP "Vivid". 


“Vivid” is a project that has been in the making for the last 3 years. The craftsmanship behind Lukas's songs is extraordinary, and the 6 songs on the EP are largely produced and entirely written by the artist himself. Obsessed by details, his mind is set on presenting quality music, right from the heart.

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